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We attach great importance to responsible and correct handling of the data you entrust to us.

When “cunio”, “us” or “we” is referred to in the following, cunio Technologies GmbH is meant. The following data protection regulations apply to our app “cunio” as well as to the website and all associated services, functions and software (hereafter together “the services”) unless otherwise specified in the following.

1. General

1.1 Scope of Application

We treat all data that you provide as a user during the use of our services, with the confidentiality and diligence requirements set by the relevant data protection laws. We collect information about the installation and use of our services by you as a user as well as access to our services the provision of all functions of personal data are of course, taken into account by the relevant data protection laws, such as, in particular, the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).

1.2 Consent of the User

We inform you about our data collection, processing and use as well as your and our related rights and obligations by means of these data protection regulations. If you agree to our privacy policy prior to using our services for the first time and use our services, you agree to all of the procedures set forth in relation to your personal data and the use of our services. If you as a user do not agree with these data protection regulations and do not wish to confirm them actively, it is not possible to use our services.


1.3 Responsible Body, Place of data Pocessing

Responsible for the data processing during the installation and the use of the services by users as well as their access to these services is cunio Technologies GmbH, Platz der Einheit 2, D-60327 Frankfurt am Main. Special circumstances may apply if you, as a user, transfer personal data from third parties to us without the prior consent of this person – see below under Section 2.2 of this Privacy Policy.

Our contact person for all questions in connection with this data protection regulation or with the data processing carried out by the services is our managing director Dr. Ing. Erik Boska, available at

The personal data entered when using the Services will be transmitted to the servers we use for them located in data centers in Germany, using Amazon Web Services Inc.’s servers (410 Terry Avenue North, Seattle WA 98109, USA). With Amazon Web Services Inc., however, there is a so-called “Data Processing Addendum”. The data could be processed in the US. For more information about the collection and use of data by Amazon Web Services, see the privacy policy at:

1.4 Definitions

Privacy is a complex issue in order for some basic meanings to make it easier to understand this privacy statement, we have collected it for you.

Under a “order processing”  within the meaning of Art. 28 Basic Data Protection Regulation (formerly “order data processing” according to § 11 Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG)] is a service simply understood in the personal data collected, processed and / or used on behalf of and under the direction of the so-called controller by a service provider (DS-GVO processor and formerly BDSG data processor). Before such a contract is awarded to a service provider, we conclude a special contract with the service provider and ensure further measures to protect your personal data.

“Cookies” are small text files that are stored on your used terminal device (eg computer or smartphone) and that store certain settings and data for exchange with our system via your browser. A cookie usually contains the name of the visited web page from which the cookie data was sent, information about the age of the cookie and an alphanumeric identifier. Cookies allow the systems to recognize the user’s device and make any presets immediately available.

Third party is any natural or legal person or entity other than the data subject, the controller, the processor and the persons authorized under the direct responsibility of the controller or processor to process the personal data, cf. Art. 4 No. 10 DS-GVO. It is therefore z. For example, it is not a third party if personal data is provided to a service provider in the course of processing the order in accordance with Art. 28 DS-GVO or formerly § 11 BDSG.

IP addresses are sequences of numbers that can be assigned to individual IT devices or a group. The IP serves, as with postal addresses, to be able to assign data to the right recipient.

“Personal data” means all information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, in particular first and last name, date of birth, e-mail address, residential address, as well as bank and payment data, but also health data , see. Art. 4 No. 1 DS-GVO (details of a specific or identifiable natural person formerly in accordance with § 3 para. 1 BDSG).

“Responsible person” according to Art. 4 No. 7 DS-GVO (formerly “Responsible Body” according to § 3 Abs. 7 BDSG) is any person or body who alone or together with others decides on the purposes and means of processing personal data , (in the present case: the website operator).

2. Nature, Scope and Duration of Data Collection, Processing and Use

2.1 Collection of Personal Data

cunio collects personal data for the purpose of providing all functions of the services. The following information is mandatory for setting up a user account:

  • First and last name of the user,
  • E-mail address of the user

If you use our services in your capacity as landlord, property manager or service provider, we request the following information in addition to the above data:

  • Company Name
  • Type of business
  • Address

If you use our services in your capacity as a tenant, you may additionally and voluntarily specify the following data which are stored within the services:

  • Address
  • Flat & Apartment
  • Personal Photo
  • Short Description

In addition, the functions of our services enable a link between registered users and the formation of user groups, e.g. in house communities. When using this, other users gain knowledge about the data you enter. Further details are described in the terms of use of cunio, which can be viewed here.If you are registering with cunio using your Facebook log-in data, please refer to section 3.2.

2.2 Information for Landlords and Property Manager

If you transfer personal data to our servers without the prior consent of the person concerned, we process this data in your order according to § 11 BDSG. On the occasion of this. The responsible body with regard to this data entered in the sense of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) remains in this case solely as a landlord or property manager.

Please note that as a landlord or property manager, you are responsible in particular for ensuring that a corresponding transmission of personal data of third parties is in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act, that a transmission is only possible with the prior consent of the affected third party or within the framework of a previously agreed written agreement for order processing according to § 11 BDSG.The user indemnifies cunio in full against any claims made by cunio in the event of such claims. The exemption also includes any costs of law enforcement or legal defense.

2.3 Use of the Data

The data entered will be processed and used by cunio in accordance with the relevant data protection regulations from the time of generation on the servers of cunio with the necessary care.

cunio processes the data entered and all other information available in order to be able to offer and support its own services. cunio personalizes content and makes suggestions to the user about using cunio and interacting with other users.

cunio temporarily tests new features that are still in development, conducts surveys and analyzes the information available to evaluate and improve their own services and to develop new services and features. In addition, cunio carries out checks and troubleshooting activities.

cunio processes the information available to respond to users when they contact them, to send marketing communications to users, to communicate with them about the services and to inform them of the conditions of use.

cunio uses the information available to improve advertising and measurement systems in order to be able to display it. cunio also measures the effectiveness and reach of advertisements and services.

cunio also processes the information available to verify cunio accounts and user activity within the Services and to promote security within our Services. Suspicious activities or violations of the Terms of Use will be investigated by cunio.

To enable the above uses of data and content, cunio uses cookies and other technologies. Details are described in section 3.

2.4 Duration of Data Use  

The use of personal data of a user takes place in principle for the period of the existence of a user account. If you decide as a user to no longer wish to use our services and delete your user account, the personal data of the user account you have deposited will be deleted. All of your content, which is inserted into the Services using your User Account, e.g. in wall-posts, messages, comments, announcements, feedbacks, reports, services etc. will no longer be displayed under your user name, but anonymized. The same applies if the user account is deleted by cunio for breach of the terms of use. This is only the case if we are authorized to further store and use the data of a user (for this, see section 2.6 of these data protection regulations).

The permission to use the personal data of a third party, stored in our services by landlords or property manager, may be limited in time. If you are a user of this type of user, you are obligated to actively delete this data from the services if you no longer have the corresponding permission for data processing via our services. This may be the case for various reasons (including the effective termination of the lease or the justified revocation of a consent).


2.5 Transmission and Transfer of Personal Data

A passing on of personal data of the users takes place without appropriate instigation by the user and thus without its knowledge basically not. We do not sell, lend or give away the personal data collected, processed and used with our services. An appropriate transmission or passing on to third parties takes place through us only if we are obliged to do so by a legal or by sovereign or court order justified obligation.

Insofar as we access other service providers to enable our offer and possibly grant them access to your data, we naturally have a contract processing contract (abbreviated AV contract) in accordance with Art. 28 General Data Protection Regulation with our service providers for order processing (in short, processor) closed. We also remain responsible for the protection of your data. Due to the conclusion of the contract, the service providers used are not considered so-called third parties.

Among other things, this applies to the hosting services we use. These are to provide the following services: infrastructure and platform services, computing capacity, storage and database services, e-mailing, security, and technical maintenance services we use to operate this online offering.

Here we, or our hosting provider, process inventory data, contact data, content data, contract data, usage data, meta and communication data of customers, interested parties and visitors to this online offer on the basis of our legitimate interests in an efficient and secure provision of this online offer acc. Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f DSGVO i.V.m. Art. 28 DSGVO (conclusion of contract processing contract).

2.6 Further Processing and Use of Personal Data

cunio ist berechtigt, personenbezogene Daten auch nach Löschung eines Nutzerkontos zu verarbeiten und zu nutzen, wenn wir begründeten Anlass zu der Annahme haben, dass mit der Installation, Nutzung und/oder beim Zugriff auf unsere Dienste

cunio is entitled to process and use personal data even after deletion of a user account if we have reason to believe that with the installation, use and / or access to our services

(i) our terms of service have been violated or are in danger of being violated;

(ii) violates legal provisions or threatens to infringe,

(iii) illegal activities have been committed or an imminent threat exists,

iv) the rights, property and safety of our users have been compromised or threatened,and we have reasonable grounds to believe that the further processing and use of the data is necessary to punish the related infringements or to enforce rights.

2.7 Collection, Storage and Use of Non-Personal Data

When accessing the server used by cunio, so-called log data, i. E. Information about the host name of the accessing terminal (IP address), requested resources (or URLs), HTTP status code of the server response, date and time of the server request, the transferred data volume, the operating system used, and the identification number of the device you are using (so-called device token ID).

cunio is entitled to use anonymised data without any time restrictions and also after deletion of a user account for evaluation and usage behavioral analyzes. The user expressly agrees to this.

3. Cookies/Token/Tracking Tools

3.1 Own Cookies from cunio

We use so-called “cookies” within our services to make the visit of our site as user-friendly, efficient and safe as possible. Cookies do not cause any harm on your computer and do not contain viruses or similar. – these are small text files, which are stored on your browser or your smartphone, and thus possibly stored on your computer. Our own cookies are so-called “session cookies”. They are automatically deleted when we leave our site, unless the user has differently defined this in the settings of the service.

In addition, we also use so-called session-wide cookies, which are used beyond the respective usage process on your used terminal and serve to make our services more user-friendly and to provide you, for example, information tailored to your interests. However, personal storage of this information on cunio systems does not take place.Of course, you can also set your Internet browser so that it does not accept cookies.

You can generally find the appropriate information about the procedure using the help function of your Internet browser. Please note, however, that in the event of deactivation, the functions of our services may only be available to a limited extent.

3.2 Facebook Connect

To facilitate your registration for our services, we provide you with the possibility to register your Facebook log-in data for our services via Facebook Connect. Once you log in to cunio via Facebook Connect, we connect to the Facebook servers and exchange your user data. Your public or publicly declared data of your Facebook profile as who sends Facebook to us.

3.3 Use of Google Maps

We’ve integrated the Google Maps service from Google LLC (1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA) to create a user account. On the one hand Google Maps is integrated with the registration of the renter. Here, the tenant can actively determine whether he wants to have his location “active” determined or alternatively enter his address manually. In the latter, the address is compared with Google Maps and automatically checked if the address exists. When creating a company in cunio, the address entered by the company is also checked against Google Maps and checked for existence. When providing addresses in the services, corresponding map content is accessed from Google servers. By calling Google’s external servers in the United States, Google may, among other things, log and store your IP address. The processed data may also include your location data, but it will not be processed without your consent. The data can be processed in the USA. You can use the permissions of the application for accessing the location i. d. R. in the settings of your mobile device, however, we explicitly point out that in this case not all functions of the application can be available. You can find Google’s privacy notices in Google’s Privacy Policy: Google Maps Terms of Service are available at

3.4 Use of Google Firebase

To analyze and categorize user groups, we use the Google Firebase service, a service of Google LLC (1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA). The service is a real-time database that allows real-time information to be embedded in your own application. We use this service to enable you the chat function. Google Firebase also uses tracking technologies that allow you to analyze how we use our offering. This information about the use of our app are collected and transmitted to Google and stored there. The data could be processed in the US. For more information about Firebase’s privacy policy, please visit: Google Privacy Policy can be found in Google’s Privacy Policy:

3.5 Use of Twilio

To offer our customers an additional contact medium to their tenants, a telephone assistant, we use the Twilio service of Twilio Ireland Limited (25-28 Noth Wall Quay, Dublin 1, Ireland). Above all, the service used is intended to improve communication with you in order to make it possible for all tenants to be reached, even if the cunio app is not used directly, but Twilio. Selected renters will receive a call from Twilio as soon as new information has been posted on the platform. The renter is contacted on his private telephone number. If the tenant’s voice sequence is recorded via Twilio, the voice sequence will be provided to you as a memo and transcribed text and assigned to the renter. The data is exchanged encrypted between Twilio and us. For more information, see the Twilio privacy policy at

4. Device Data / Localization Services / Feedback Function / Other Functions

4.1 Device Data

When you install, access, or access the cunio services, we collect device-specific information to improve our services, such as: the hardware model, information about the operating system, browser information, the IP address, as well as device identifiers about the device you are using.

4.2 Feedback Function

If you as a service provider are users of our services and registered accordingly, other users can evaluate your services performed within the services. cunio will publish these evaluations within the services and within the user groups concerned. Further details can be found in the terms of use of cunio, which can be viewed here.

4.3 Other Functions

For individual functions that we offer you beyond those already mentioned to use the services, we may need access rights (for example, to the camera or the microphone of your device used). These are necessary when uploading photos or video to the app. In addition, you can invite other contacts to cunio, this is offered to you to browse the contact list of your smartphone. You can find out what permissions these are in the “Settings” under the terms of service.

5. Liability

5.1 Secure connection

Data that is entered during the installation, use or access to the services is transferred to cunio via one. All data transfers are carried out with secure encryption technology (HTTPS) to prevent reading and manipulation by unauthorized persons.


5.2 Data Security

cunio will take all necessary, reasonable and reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized access to cunio servers and any misuse of data as far as technically possible.

5.3 Data Loss

The user himself is responsible for the fact that, if desired, an up-to-date backup is carried out in an appropriate form from within the data and content used within the services and thus a timely and economically reasonable restoration of any lost data and information is ensured.

6. Safety Instructions / User’s Rights

6.1 Security

If you set up a user account with cunio, access to the registered area is only possible after entering your personal password. You should always keep your access data confidential and log out of the browser window or mobile app when you have stopped communicating in cunio. This is especially true if you use mobile devices together with others.

6.2 Affected Rights / Data Protection Officers

Contact person for the protection of your data subject rights is our data protection officer (contact details below).

6.2.1 Right of Objection

You can contradict the use of your information at any time – with effect for the future.

6.2.2 Right to Rectification

You may also request that incorrect information about you, if you can not make a change yourself, be corrected.

6.2.3 Right to Information

Under the legal requirements, you can of course learn in the context of your right to information, which data we have stored about you and for what purpose.

6.2.4 Right to Data Portability

You have the right to request a transfer of your data from us to another location.

6.2.5 Right to Complain

According to Art. 77 DS-BER, they have the right to complain to a supervisory authority or a competent body if they should have a reason to complain.

6.2.6 Data Protection Officer

If you would like to exercise your rights of participation, including your right to cancellation or blocking, please contact our Privacy Officer (data protection officer) with sufficient legitimacy and – preferably in writing -:

Sascha Kremer
Brückenstraße 21
50667 Köln

Tel.: +49 (221) 271 418 74


or gladly via the address of cunio Technologies GmbH to the data protection officer:

Data Protection Officer – personally –

cunio Technologies GmbH

Platz der Einheit 2
60327 Frankfurt

7. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change or amend this Privacy Policy at any time. In particular, but not exclusively, we are entitled to do so if the technical conditions or the legal requirements change. The link to our privacy policy is updated on this page. Therefore, as a user of this app, we ask you to visit this link periodically to keep yourself informed of the content and timeliness of the applicable privacy policy. The current version of the Privacy Policy is always available on the website

Possibly. and under certain conditions, we will actively alert you to changes in the privacy policy. By continuing to use the services, the user confirms his consent to the amended data protection regulations. If a user does not agree to a modified privacy policy, they must stop using the services.


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