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  • 1. I find it hard to picture it. Why exactly should I network with my neighbors?

    The exchange with neighbors is varied. From a house alarm in dangerous situations to organizing barbecues or a flea market - the possibilities are very versatile.

    Ask your neighbors if you have any pieces of furniture left in the cellar or in the attic that are no longer needed. Whether given away or sold, the purchase of new items is certainly cheaper in this way than from the furniture store or the Internet. In addition, you also save time for their transport.

    What’s more, with the concept of "shared economy" you no longer need to buy commodities directly, but you can simply borrow them. Post a message to your neighbors and ask if anyone has a drill, water truck, or blender he would lend you. Next time, you can lend him something.

  • 2. What is the difference between cunio and other messenger services?

    Messaging services are relatively inflexible. You can write messages and that was it.

    We deliver great features for you and your neighbors, from a house alarm, to a whiteboard or a one-to-one-chat. Use cunio as you want it and enjoy further surprising features.

  • 3. How transparent do I have to be with my neighbors?

    By creating your own profile at cunio, you can decide how privately you present yourself. In your profile you can add a picture that is visible to all participants. In addition, you can also link your cunio profile to the social networks Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It is also possible to publish your profile without a picture if you want to present yourself more anonymously. Of course, you can also complement your profile with a short slogan about yourself.

  • 4. Do my neighbors and landlords already use cunio?

    Of course, we do not know that. You can find it out yourself. Download the App, log in and be surprised. If your neighbors do not have cunio yet, that's no problem at all. You can simply invite them via diverse functions - for example, in your profile. We are happy to assist you in inviting your neighbors and, upon request, send you informational material that you can throw into their mailbox.

  • 5. Can I communicate with my landlord through cunio?

    You can use all the features you use with your neighbors also with your landlord. IN ADDITION, you can send your landlord an inquiry, for example to the famous dripping water tap. Clearly you can attach a photo or video with your smartphone. The great thing is that you are no longer dependent on his/her opening hours. He/she can answer you instantly via our self-explanatory functions. Even if your landlord lives in your building, he/she is certainly happy about your request, which cunio structures for you.

  • 6. Does cunio keep me up to date after sending a request to my landlord?

    If the processing status changes or an appointment has been set for your request, you will receive a message in a matter of seconds. Shortly - as soon as your landlord does something, you will be informed. If you do not want this, you can turn off the notifications in the settings.

  • 1. What is the difference between a CRM and cunio?

    First. cunio builds a network among all users. Thus, the workload is distributed among all parties involved and it no longer must pass through a bottleneck.

    Secondly. cunio provides you with information. That's the special thing about it that you did not have before. The tenant feedback to your service providers is just one of many examples.

    Third. Our B2C focus (see FAQ tenants) inspires its tenants. Thus, you provide your tenants an additional service!

  • 2. What is a dashboard and why do I need it?

    The Dashboard is your reporting in real-time about the status of your property management. You will see the processing status of inquiries, services as well as the tenant feedback about the quality of your service providers at a glance. On-site visits are therefore less and less necessary. Shine in every meeting with up-to-date information.

  • 3. How does cunio support with the management documentation?

    Quite simple - every click, every message, every order is automatically assigned to your objects. You can retrieve the information at any time. An additional advantage – you can set filters according to their needs. Whether the entire real estate portfolio or object level, all information can be updated with one click.

  • 4. Do I need additional resources in my organization to use cunio?

    On the contrary. Whether you use cunio as a private individual or an entrepreneur in the function of an owner, the administrative expenses as well as the contact with tenants, real estate administrators and service providers is considerably simplified. The use of cunio is intuitive and requires no additional internal resources. You do not need to retrain your employees or learn a new "programming language" at cunio.

  • 5. How exactly does the document storage work?

    The real estate administrator can upload the respective documents of each tenant and make it available to the tenant and the owner. Whether leases, maintenance certificates or service charges, all documents can be shared.

  • 1. How does cunio reduce my processing costs?

    cunio connects all parties involved in residential real estate. This network automatically generates synergetic effects. The management of your residential property is reduced by up to 70%. Tenants' requests are processed semi-automatically. You can implement your contractual arrangements with your service providers with cunio. If, for example, a flat rate for small repairs is available, corresponding tenant requests are forwarded directly to your service provider. You can keep an eye on every process.

  • 2. Do third parties like the owner or service provider also benefit from cunio?

    Transparency is not only given to the tenant, but also to the owner and the service providers. The pin board, the dashboard and the inquiry overview give everyone information about the tenant satisfaction, opinions on service provider quality and the general mood of the household.

  • 3. How much does it cost to use cunio?

    Property managers use cunio for free.

  • 4. Can I also use cunio for my internal work organization?

    Yes, you can clearly assign responsibilities with cunio and thus have an overview of the cunio-listed activities. As a result, no job is lost and you can easily understand who you have assigned which tasks. This not only saves nerves but also the eternal search in the e-mail inbox.

  • 5. Is cunio also a reporting interface to the owner?

    cunio is even more than a reporting interface. The dashboard is like a daily updated reporting and informs your owner about the current processing status of the services. The big advantage for you is that you no longer have to create any reports because the data is processed automatically.

  • 1. How can I increase my sales with cunio?

    The one who does a good job makes money. With cunio you save a lot of time in the administration and the coordination of your customer orders. This gives you more time for your actual service, further optimizing your quality of service.

    Your customers are satisfied if the quality is right and will give you good cunio feedback. You will have more time for additional orders and will certainly receive a recommendation.

  • 2. How exactly is the communication between the tenant, the administration and me facilitated?

    From inquiry to commissioning to scheduling - everything can be handled with cunio. Through the networking of all involved, "third parties" are permanently informed. The number of meetings is reduced to a necessary level. The share of administration is reduced by up to 70%!

  • 3. Can I also use cunio for my internal work organization?

    Yes, you can clearly assign responsibilities with cunio and thus have an overview of the cunio-related activities of the respective employees. As a result, no job is lost and you can easily understand who you have assigned which tasks. This not only saves nerves but also the eternal search in the e-mail inbox.

  • 4. Will cunio facilitate the administration of my clients?

    The documentation of your services is digital and will be automatically distributed to the responsible colleagues. After a long day of assembly, post-processing in the office is no longer necessary. In addition, cunio will save you the ringing phone and ambiguous agreements. You determine the scheduling coordination with your customers and have the agreements in writing.

  • 5. How much does it cost to use cunio?

    For you as a service provider cunio is free of charge.

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